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With three decades of experience in divorce law, we can help you through this emotional and challenging time.

Even in the best of circumstances, going through a divorce is an emotional and challenging time. The last thing you need is an unsympathetic attorney who sugar coats your situation instead of telling you exactly what you need to know. When you call on the office of Robert G. Spaugh, Attorney at Law, you can rest assured that we will use our three decades of divorce law experience to get you through your divorce as smoothly as possible.

Divorce Law in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

We are here for you through the various steps related to divorce, including separation agreements, establishing alimony or spousal support, dealing with child custody and child support issues, the division of marital property for an equitable distribution, and factoring in any pre-marital agreements that might be in play. Some aspects of divorce law involve immediate action situations, and you can be confident we’ll be available when you need us so you can make the important decisions as they come up.

If you are looking for divorce help for either a contested or uncontested divorce in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, or if you would like to get started with divorce mediation or a legal separation, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. The best way to begin is to give us a call and go through our complimentary 15-minute telephone consultation. You’ll be surprised how much you can learn about us, divorce law, and how we can help you in just a few minutes. From there, we’ll determine when you’ll need to come to our office to proceed with the next steps. Call today to learn more.

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