How to Create and Update Your Living Will

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A living will is a critical document that’s designed to represent your interests when you’re unable to communicate on your own. It becomes active only under specific circumstances, typically when you are terminally ill or in a comatose state, and it outlines your preferences for medical treatments.

How to Create and Update Your Living Will

Understanding what a living will is and how to create an effective document can give you peace of mind and control over your medical care as you grow older. In this blog, we’ll explore what a living will entails and how you can ensure that your wishes are followed.

  • Outline medical preferences. The primary function of a living will is to detail your wishes regarding life-sustaining treatments such as life support, resuscitation, artificial hydration, nutrition, and other medical interventions.
  • Designate a health care proxy. It’s important to differentiate a living will from a health care proxy or durable power of attorney for health care. While a living will specifies your medical wishes, a healthcare proxy appoints someone to make healthcare decisions. These two documents often work together in healthcare planning.
  • Make your living will accessible. Ensure your living will is accessible to your healthcare providers and family members. Keep copies in a safe but secure place, and consider giving copies to your doctor, health care proxy, and close family members.
  • Update your living will as needed. Your healthcare preferences may change over time, so regularly review and update your living will to reflect any changes in your wishes. Remember to communicate these changes to your healthcare proxy and family.
  • Consult with a healthcare professional Consulting with a healthcare professional can be valuable when creating a living will. They can provide insight into the types of medical decisions that need to be made and help clarify the implications of your choices.

A living will ensures that your healthcare wishes are carried out. If you need a living will, we can help you take this important step. Contact our law firm today to get started.

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