The Benefits of a Living Will

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Being prepared for the future is always a good idea. That’s why at the office of Robert G. Spaugh, Attorney at Law, we like to emphasize estate planning. One part of estate planning includes drafting a living will. This is a document that instructs your physicians on how you wish to be treated should you be incapacitated or unable to expressing your wishes verbally.

The Benefits of a Living Will

Here are a few benefits of having a living will and why you should consider making one:

  • Retain your agency: If you are in a situation where you have been incapacitated, you may not have the ability to express your wishes or concerns on your own. Rather than allowing someone else to make the decisions for you about your care and treatment, your living will can clearly explain your decisions about life support or other needs. Your will allows you to retain the power to decide for yourself.
  • Spare your loved ones: A living will can also take some weight off your loved ones. You can have everything planned out ahead of time, should anything happen, rather than having them make the difficult decisions for you. This could also save them from any possible legal disputes or arguments.
  • No medical confusion: We can ensure that your living will is documented clearly and in detail. That way, there will be no medical confusion as to whether you would like to receive a certain treatment or not. It will leave very little room for deviation for the caregiver.

It may be difficult to consider the possibility that you won’t be able to make decisions for yourself in the future, but it’s always better to be prepared rather than leaving your loved ones lost and floundering. Give our office a call if you would like to learn more about creating a living will.

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