Understanding the Warning Signs of Contested Divorce

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Divorce is often filled with emotional and financial challenges, but when disagreements between partners escalate, it can lead to a contested divorce. A contested divorce occurs when a couple can’t agree on key components of their divorce, and it can be stressful, frustrating, and time-consuming to go through. If you want a divorce and your partner doesn’t, for example, you should be properly prepared for a contested divorce.

Understanding the Warning Signs of Contested Divorce

Here are some warning signs that you may be heading for a contested divorce:

  • Communication Breakdown. One of the most significant red flags is a breakdown of communication. If conversations consistently lead to arguments or there’s a complete lack of dialogue, reaching an agreement on anything might be a challenge.
  • Disagreements on Key Issues. Child custody, division of assets, and alimony all need to be agreed upon before a divorce can proceed. If you can’t reach a compromise, there’s a strong likelihood that your divorce will be contested.
  • Hidden Assets or Financial Misconduct. If there’s suspicion or evidence of hidden assets, or if one spouse has been financially irresponsible or deceitful, it often leads to mistrust and conflict. This financial contention is a common precursor to a contested divorce.
  • External Influences. Sometimes, friends, family members, or new partners can influence the dynamics of a divorce. If these external influences encourage conflict or discourage amicable resolution, it might steer you towards a contested divorce.
  • History of Abuse. A history of conflict and abuse in a relationship can make it incredibly challenging to reach a peaceful settlement.

Recognizing these warning signs can help you prepare for the possibility of a contested divorce. Contact our law firm today for more information and the legal support you deserve.

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