Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

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Getting a divorce probably isn’t something you ever planned on doing, and it can be a very emotionally draining process for everyone involved. However, now that this life change is in motion, it’s a good idea to find a divorce lawyer who can provide legal advice and represent your interests throughout the process. Understandably, you may have concerns, especially if you have never hired a lawyer before, so below you will find several questions you can ask before hiring a divorce lawyer.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

  • How many divorce cases have you handled? You’ll want to know that your lawyer is experienced in handling divorces so you can get the best possible insight and legal advice. If divorce is part of the lawyer’s practice but they have only handled a few cases before, you may want to look elsewhere.
  • How does the court usually rule the issues involved in my case? Ideally, your divorce lawyer will be familiar with the local family court judges and how they tend to rule on certain issues. This will allow your lawyer to create the best strategy. In addition, you know you can rely on them when they are able to answer this question honestly.
  • How often can I expect you to update me about my case? Whether you want to know more of the details or just the larger picture, your divorce lawyer should let you know how frequently they will communicate with you, so you know what to expect. They should also let you know how you can contact them when you have a concern.
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