Adult Adoption: The Why and How

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Adoption is something that you might consider if you wanted to expand your family and give one or more children a loving home. It might not occur to you that there would be any reason to seek an adoption for someone over the age of 18 or to be adopted if you are an adult. There are actually several different reasons why you might want to do this, and it is totally possible!

Adult Adoption: The Why and How

There are four main legal advantages related to an adult adoption:

  • Inheritance- The adoptee gains inheritance rights upon a formal adoption.
  • Benefits- As an adoptee, you could have access to benefits such as social security or insurance.
  • Medical- From the perspective of the adopter, a formal adoption gives you the ability to make medical decisions and access medical records of the adoptee.
  • Name change- While you could also pursue a legal name change, this can also be accomplished through an adult adoption process.

Completing an adult adoption is fairly straightforward. It entails filing a petition with the court, obtaining consent paperwork, and appearing in court to finalize the adult adoption. In North Carolina, you do not need the legal parents’ permission, although they do need to be notified, along with others with an interest in the adoption. It is best to work with a family law attorney to be sure everything is done properly so you do not have any issues formalizing the adoption. Reach out to the law office of Robert G. Spaugh, Attorney at Law with any questions you might have as a potential adopter or adoptee.

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