Spousal Support, Davidson, NC

Maintain your financial interests during and after separation.

Divorce comes with many concerns. On one end, you may worry about how you will keep up with your current lifestyle without the extra income of your spouse. Or, you may worry that your former spouse will try to take more of your income than you can afford after you finalize your divorce. Either way, you need an attorney to work through these spousal support concerns.

Spousal Support in Davidson, North Carolina

Spousal support is a valuable tool that can help you recover from divorce, especially if your spouse was the primary income earner in your household. If you are in this situation, at the office of Robert G. Spaugh, Attorney at Law, we can help you protect your interests to this financial support. Or, if your spouse wants alimony from you, we can make sure they do not take advantage of the situation.

Our local law firm works on contested and uncontested divorce cases in Davidson, North Carolina. If you are involved in a contested divorce case, we can take your spousal support concerns to court and move an order through that requires your spouse to provide alimony by law. If you are involved in an uncontested divorce case, we will work hard to come up with a fair settlement in conjunction with your ex’s attorney.

Solidifying a fair plan for spousal support payments requires the skill, tenacity, and drive of an experienced lawyer. Choose our firm to help you with your upcoming divorce and rest assured we will always protect your best interests.

Spousal Support in Winston-Salem, NC