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We have thirty years of experience as a family lawyer serving our local community.

At the office of Robert G. Spaugh, Attorney at Law, we understand that it can be challenging to deal with both the emotional and legal aspects related to family law situations. Our goal is to help people who are experiencing the worst crisis of their lives and help them understand what their rights and responsibilities are under the law. As an experienced family lawyer, we can tell you what can be done both in and out of court.

Family Lawyer in Davidson, North Carolina

What you won’t get when you call us is a family lawyer who will sugar coat things and give you an unrealistic expectation about the merits of your case. We prefer to give you the truth of what to expect so you can make decisions based on facts. We know it is difficult to deal with the emotional aspects as it is, so it is our job to not to muddy the waters with wishful thinking and vague outcome projections.

With thirty years of experience as a family lawyer serving the Davidson, North Carolina area, we have a firm grasp on family law and how it pertains to a variety of situations. We will listen carefully to your situation and then provide our legal advice regarding the best way to proceed with your family law case. We handle a variety of family law matters, including child support, child custody, separation agreements, divorce, visitation rights, domestic violence restraining orders (50-B), marital property, equitable distribution, pre-marital agreements, spousal support, and more.

Reach out to us today, and you’ll find you can learn a great deal by speaking with a family lawyer during our free 15-minute telephone consultation.

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